About Us

Welcome to Rosetoy-official.com!

Established in 2021, we are a unique online sex toys boutique. We have an eye for the creation of adult products and are good at it. Nowadays rose vibrator has become a household name for beautiful and elegant adult toys in the shape of rose flowers. We Insist on continuously taking the classics and updating them with a creative approach. You can see all the rose vibrators with different functions in our store, not only limited to suction, but they also come with vibrating bullets, telescopic/thrusting dildos, tongue licking, tapping, come hither moves, and even app controlling.

Our philosophy:

Dare to explore the unknown, and embrace different loves.

We all know that the design of traditional sex toys is basically based on people's cognition and understanding of genitalia. Sex is difficult to articulate for some people, and if sex toys are too intuitive and not aesthetically pleasing, the exploration of sex toys will be difficult for them. The creation of Rosetoy-official is to break the stereotypes of sex toys and let more people begin to receive, appreciate, and enjoy sex toys.

Our mission:

Let more people enjoy the pleasure of creative sex toys.

Why Shop With Us?

Professional Team:
We have a complete design and manufacturing department, as well as a dedicated customer service team of 8 who can solve each customer's problem. With advanced equipment and professional technicians, we specialize in the production and processing of Rose Vibrators.

From day one, we have focused on providing the best customer service and value for the consumer. By lowering operating costs, we are able to extend the best prices to our customers. Our secure website ensures a worry-free online shopping experience in our web store.

We have signed cooperation agreements with SF Express, and other international professional logistics companies. Relying on professional international logistics companies, we can enable our customers to enjoy a professional cargo delivery experience.

Supply Chain:
We have our own strong supply chains. We produce our own products based on orders from customers.

The email address:[email protected]
Company name: Dongguan Huaruisi Network Technology Co., Ltd
Address:Room 103, No.25 XingSan Street, Beizha West, Humen Town, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province