What are the male masturbators?

Under the pressure of modern society, male masturbators are beneficial to relieve male desire. Do not discriminate against the use of male masturbation toys, but do not blindly exaggerate the role of masturbator cups. It is only used to relieve personal desires like masturbation, so please try to use it in moderation.
The appearance of them mostly is small, like a cola cup, imitating three kinds of intercourse channels, due to the high simulation of the built-in structure, it is very realistic to use.

About the material

Male masturbation toys are usually made of soft synthetic resin or silicone, and cheap masturbator cups generally use sponges.

According to the shape, male toys can be divided into through-style and non-through-style. The main difference is whether the end of the cup is closed or not.

TPE material, so that male masturbation toys do not contain sponge fillers and have no peculiar smell; the body is thick and plump, providing a smooth skin touch experience; the inner wall design of the real inverted mold, the tight channel brings you the infinite pleasure of numbness and refreshing; easy to clean The eco-friendly design can be reused.

Male Masturbators
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