Take The Pressure Off, Turn The Pleasure On

We believe it is time to reduce the pressure and increase the pleasure.

We just want to mention that orgasms are amazing before we discuss the orgasm gap. The potency of a toe-curling orgasm cannot be disputed. You can lose track of the pleasure you're already experiencing if the anticipation of an orgasm consumes all of your focus. The stimulation we need to climax is not the action women are typically getting in the bedroom. For us to feel those wonderful, toe-curling sensations, we have to begin speaking up. We must demand more both from ourselves and our partners.

When your head is on the other person's private parts during intercourse, there is intimacy. When your head is at the foot of the bed, your limbs look like you've played Twister, or another inexplicable noise during sex, that is when intimacy is found.

Some Tips to Turn The Pleasure On

  1. Say what you mean. Begin by softly expressing your wish for more in bed. You simply don't find sex to be satisfactory, and you believe that by exploring it together, you will both find sex to be much more satisfying.
  2. Be precise. Describe how you require more foreplay, including foreplay that directly stimulates your clitoris. Be imaginative. Fingers, mouth, toys, and hands. There are countless possibilities, but your pink pearl requires focus.
  3. Any toys or supplies you require should be gathered and prepared beforehand. Need lubrication? Get it. Think ahead. Don't allow poor planning to ruin the first of many fantastic nights that you'll want to remember.
  4. Let it develop. As you build up to the main event, take your time. The experience will only be enhanced by anticipation. Take your time once you are in bed.

Let's face it, we don't always know how to induce the other person to come, but that doesn't imply that the other activities you perform in bed aren't thrilling and enjoyable. Anything can be pleasurable, even getting a massage, taking a shower, or making fun of your lover in public.

Orgasms are incredible and always will be, but the next time you're getting down and dirty, try concentrating on how you feel as a whole rather than simply on the "end result."

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