Pleasure Her With Your Hands - 4 Sexual Skills With Hands

If I say that we all have the same heaven-sent sexual tool, what do you think it would be?
The answer is hands! It is most frequently used during sex, and it is a great factor in getting her off. 


1. Touch and arouse her body

Difficulty balancing tension and relaxation is a major psychological factor preventing many women from having orgasms.

When she tells you (or you feel) that she is nervous or worried, you can play with her hair gently. It's a great way to show her that you care for her and make her relax.

Then explore her body, get her to locate her "felt sense", and touch on unexpected erogenous zones. The key part that tenses her up is inevitably discovering her erogenous zones. The most possible erogenous zones besides the clitoris and nipples are the nape of the neck above the breasts and nipples, inner thighs, and ears.


2. Let her guide your hand

When touching, if the strength is not in place, it may hurt her psychologically and physically. You may wish to observe the way she caresses herself.

However, she might be feeling shameful about being "observed". In addition, every person's hands bring different feelings because of the different roughness. Maybe you can take the initiative to let her guide your hands, know what kind of strength your hands use she likes, and learn how to pleasure her with your hands.


3. Use vibrators

Try to drop the guilt and sexual shame about using vibrators. As sexual aids, vibrators can cause sexual pleasure easily through continued stimulation. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasure brought by vibrators. Using vibrators smartly is a great way to maintain sexual harmony between two people. 

Teach your hands to use a vibrator and make her crazy about you. I believe you can choose a vibrator that's right for you at Rose Toy Official.


4. Write a sexy note to her

Picking up a pen and writing is romantic, and a note like "I love you" or "Thanks for last night", left by her nightstand or bathroom mirror, will show your love, and conception of how you care about her between paper and pen. It is a beneficial way to connect with each other and build intimacy between you two.

It may be simple but will make her think about you all day. And it will be a good start to your next performance.

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