How to Clean Your Rose Toy?

Cleaning rose vibrators is so important, it's about the lifespan of your beloved little rose and your vaginal health!

The following will teach you how to clean and maintain your vibrating rose.


When should the cleaning be done?

Sexual rose should be carefully cleaned before and after use. If you are very sleepy after orgasm, please keep sex toy cleaning wipes and sprays on a bedside table, wipe the bodily fluids and lubricants on the roses first, and clean them as soon as you have a good rest.


What to use for cleaning?

It is recommended to use clean water and toy cleaner to clean your rose vibes.

People often ask if boiling and alcohol can be used for disinfection, and the answer is NO!

Our rose vibrators are mainly made of two materials, silicone and ABS Plastic. A small amount of hard plastic parts in vibrators is generally ABS Plastic. This material itself is body-safe, but its thermoplastics and its properties will change in extreme heat. So boiling water is not recommended.

The pure silicone part of the rose can theoretically be washed and disinfected with boiling water, but the time should not exceed two minutes, otherwise aging will occur.

Alcohol is corrosive and can cause damage or even chemical reactions to the rose which can be pretty harmful to both you and your rose.


How to clean properly?

  • First of all, it is necessary to confirm the waterproof rating of the rose vibrator. Most roses are of two types: water-resistant or waterproof. The water-resistant ones can be rinsed but need to avoid rinsing the motor or charging port, and the waterproof can be submerged up to a certain depth of water for a certain time cleaning. Anyway, hand washing them with care will help the rose last longer and protect their motor.
  • Use clean water to clean the bodily fluids/lubricants on the rose vibe. If there is a lubricant that is difficult to clean, you can use a mild soap or toy cleaner to clean it.
  • For rose vibs with grooves, crevices, or suction, you can use a soft toothbrush you've dedicated to this purpose to clean the tiny corners to avoid harboring bacteria.
  • After wiping the surface, use a toy cleaning spray for disinfection. Different spray cleaning methods are slightly different. Most of them only need to stay for a few seconds and then be washed away without residue.
  • After disinfection and wiping the water off, please put the rose in the storage bag and put it in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.

How to properly maintain it?
In addition to storing it in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place, when the rose vibrator is not used for a long time, please refer to general electronic products, and turn it on at least 1-2 times a month (Not necessarily meant to use it, just to keep the motor alive.)

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