How to Choose Rose Toys?

Anyone who has bought vibrators knows that vibrators with different functions can be combined to play, so they often buy more than one.

When most of us choose rose toys, Many of us basically rely on what others recommend. But keep in mind that "best rose" is completely subjective. Choosing a rose is similar to choosing clothes or makeup in this respect: what is right for you is the best. Even if it is a toy with high praise, there are still people who are not satisfied with it because it is not good enough for them.

It is a huge individual difference between people, and it is destined that no one rose can be suitable for everyone. The real choice of rose toys should be targeted and personalized!

First: Know your type.

There are 3 types of rose vibrators.

1. External Stimulation. The external rose vibrator is made to mimic sexual tickle or oral sex, this type usually functions with suction, tongue attachment, or massaging ticklers. This rose vibrator stimulates external erogenous zones like the clitoris, nipple, ears, and so on. It's meant for those who like external stimulation when having penetrative sex or don't like having penetrative sex at all. And because clitoral stimulation is the easiest way for most women to experience an orgasm. The external rose vibrator is better for sex toy beginners.

2. Combo Stimulation. Combo rose vibrator can be applied inside and outside the body. It‘s insertable and can also be used externally on erogenous zones. It usually has a connecting wire to connect the internal and external stimulator. The internal stimulator is generally cylindrical for mimicking the penetrative sex. While the external stimulator tends to be shorter and squatter than the internal stimulator. It is suitable for people who want to experience double stimulation.

3. Remote Control Stimulation. Remote control rose vibrator can be external or combo. It's a game-changer for long-distance sex and short range of a separate. Remote control rose vibrator gets us off hands-free and adds more intrigue to sex when we explore it. It is perfect for playful couples or anyone who wants to stay in control.


Make sure you like its look.

Many people are attracted to buying rose toys because of their appearance. Thanks to the vivid flower shape of The Original Rose Toy, your family or your friends won't even realize what actually it is used for and you can casually fit it on a nightstand as a decoration. However, both the rose vibrator with a bullet and the rose wand vibrator is obviously not so discreet and well-disguised.


Choose the right size.

Yes, size matters. If you're considering buying a rose vibrator with internal stimulation, the first thing you need to consider is the size. For some ladies who haven’t had much sex, a not-too-big internal rose vibrator is a good choice.

And for those who plan to use rose anytime or anywhere, the mini size is better for a variety of occasions.



How to choose a rose which is more budget-friendly? The price of sex rose depends on how many functions it has and how refined it was made. If you want a sex rose with cooler features and longer life. You can invest more for what it is worth.

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