What is Frigidity? Am I frigid?

What is Frigidity?

Frigidity refers to a lack of libido, specifically, a woman's low libido or difficulty arousal, inability or difficulty in achieving sexual pleasure, and even pain in the process.

Symptoms can be divided into physical and psychological. You can combine your own situations to make a preliminary judgment on whether it is frigidity.

Physiological symptoms, mainly manifested in the lack of response to sexual caress or lack of pleasure in response; vaginal orgasm without or less arousal fluid, dryness, tightening, pain;

Psychological symptoms, mainly including fear of sex, disgust, and psychological resistance, and even lead to depression;

In fact, in the survey of well-educated and healthy nulliparous couples, only 2% are sexually frigid, which means that, in addition to pathological, most of us have desires.



What Causes Frigidity?

Sexual partner reasons, and discordant sexual experiences, can cause low libido. Especially women, in their early sexual life, if they do not experience sexual pleasure, it is easy to lose "interest".

If you think your partner is suffering from frigidity, we hope that you can feel more about her/his feelings when interacting with your partner intimately, and patiently guide your partner to express your needs;

If you believe you are suffering from frigidity, we hope that you can relax and face your needs, want or not, pleasure or discomfort. Remember, you can say it and it is your right.

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life, and the exaggerated porn and lack of sex education can lead to a sense of gap in actual experience. In order to "learn and imitate", ignoring the real feelings, over time, it is unavoidable to get tired of sex.



If I'm suffering from frigidity, can I still get sexual pleasure?

In fact, most of the above-mentioned causes of frigidity are accidental and can be changed by a good experience. In fact, most women have not experienced sexual pleasure, but they have not reached this state when interacting with their partners.

"Heidi Sexology Report" pointed out that sexual pleasure is not necessarily achieved through sexual intercourse. Most of the women she surveyed can obtain pleasure by doing it themselves. 82% of women said they would masturbate, and 95% of them said as long as they wanted to, they can easily and frequently reach orgasm at any time and get sexual pleasure.

So, you must also have the ability to orgasm, as long as you want, you can find sexual pleasure.


How to get sexual pleasure?

Face up to your desires. Sexual desire is a primitive desire of human beings, and there is no distinction between right and wrong. The biggest difference may lie in the different requirements for it. You may be intimidated and ashamed of it. But it's your right to enjoy sexual pleasure, and it's never too late if you want to enjoy it, regardless of past experiences. Love yourself with hope for better sex life.

Toys and sex, adults can have. Many people have a hard time accepting adult toys like rose vibrators. Sex toys in the early years were most products of a male perspective and did not really solve the needs of women, so in many females' opinions, sex toys are disgusting.

However, with the expansion of women's rights and influence, in recent years, many sex toys like vibrators that fit the aesthetics and needs of women have emerged, which can directly and effectively help women obtain sexual pleasure.