The Pleasure of Sex Chairs You Won't Want to Miss

For those of you who have been traditionally having sex in bed, if you are looking for something that will take your sex life to the next level, in addition to the famous vibrator, you can also try sex chairs, they will be a whole new experience.

What are sex chairs and the history of sex chairs?

Laziness is the fundamental force behind the development of science and technology in this world, and so is sex. The sex chair is invented to make people easier in sex games. In fact, the history of sex chairs can be traced back to the early 20th century. At that time, it is called a love chair, which allow the heavily overweight British King Edward VII to relax in his sex game without crushing his sex partners.

It is a sexual function aid, which can bear most of the weight of the human body and make the user's whole-person movements lighter. In other words, it is to allow both partners to focus on experiencing pleasure when playing their pleasure games, instead of struggling to maintain their posture. In addition, the sex chair can also provide sexually impaired, sexually cold, and physically challenged persons with a sexual health device for medical care.

The sex chair can independently adjust the sex angle, depth, speed, and direction to make 360-degree fine-tuning so that you can achieve the most comfortable way for you. In this process, you don't need to care about the difference in body shape between you and your partner, breaking various posture obstacles, which is conducive to enjoying the excitement. So if your body is big and too hard to unlock other poses, then you must not miss it.

What types of sex chairs are there?

Sex chairs are also known as octopus chairs, fun chairs, erotic massage chairs, and more. Strictly speaking, the octopus chair is only one of the sex chairs, and the sex chair is not necessarily the octopus chair; the sex chair usually refers to the sex chair with an electric function, and the octopus chair does not have an electric function. Leisure sex chairs are divided into massage types and non-massage types. The appearance is the same. The difference is whether there is an electric massage function.

The sex chair is made according to the scientific postures and postures that people should have in their sexual life, imitating the characteristics of the human body and based on the principles of kinematics, and getting rid of the obstacles of traditional bed surrounds. Using a sex chair can not only get the greatest sexual pleasure but also ensure safety during sex to a certain extent. Nowadays, more advanced categories such as sex swings, sex beds, and sex machines have been developed. Sex swings are also easy and fun for people who want to try out the suspended positions without actually having to hold their partner's weight. If you want to play difficult positions but do not have a superhuman physique, come with a sex chair or other sex furniture to let you play erotica variously.