How Men Get Anal Orgasms?

The prostate is about 5 cm - 7 cm away from the anus, which is close to the root of the penis and below the bladder. It is very important to correctly understand the distance between the prostate and the anus. Now almost all professional prostate massage sticks on the market are already super long. It is often the bladder that is on the head, which is why most people use this massage stick to stimulate the prostate but cannot achieve orgasm, because it does not stimulate the real prostate at all.

In addition, prostate massage takes a long time, and it may take more than an hour or even longer for beginners to reach orgasm. Therefore, it is difficult for massage sticks on the market that use button batteries as power sources to meet this requirement. Therefore, it is difficult for many people to achieve prostate orgasm due to insufficient technology. Let's take a look at what preparations need to be done for prostate massage.

1. Dilation of the anus
The anus is a very sensitive organ, and the anus is covered with nerves, so stimulating the anus will also produce pleasure in itself. For people who have not done any anal masturbation, the rectum will have a strong rejection reaction to foreign objects. This reaction will decrease with the increase in the number of foreign object stimulation. When a foreign object is inserted into the anus, there will be no strong defecation. When you react, pleasure ensues.

The undeveloped anus is very tight, so it is best to expand it. Usually, you can often insert a small plastic bottle for expansion, from small to large, and finally, you can even insert a plastic bottle with a diameter of about 7cm. (For safety reasons, never insert fragile or short items).

During the expansion of the anus, there will be strong pain for the first time. At this time, the foreign body can be removed and inserted again, and the pain will disappear. Of course, it is necessary to use lubricating fluid for adequate lubrication.

2. PC muscle exercise
PC muscle exercise is very important. In fact, during the process of PC muscle exercise, the prostate is automatically massaged, which can also produce a certain pleasure. There is reason to believe that having a strong and powerful PC muscle makes it easier to get a prostate orgasm, and in the process of sexual life, it can greatly extend the time of intercourse and increase the duration of pleasure during ejaculation.

3. Selection of anal toys
There are various types of anal toys on the market, and there are various types of anal toys for prostate massage. The crank-type prostate massagers are mostly powered by button batteries, and the battery life is short.

4. Enema
Because the prostate is hidden in the body, the only way to stimulate the prostate directly is to insert a hose through the urethra, but this behavior is extremely dangerous and can easily cause great harm to the body, and the intensity of such stimulation is difficult to reach a climax.

Obviously, the only way to massage the prostate is indirectly through the rectum. The rectum is the excretion channel of the human body, and feces will inevitably accumulate in it. Therefore, before the prostate massage, an enema must be performed to thoroughly clean the rectum, which also helps to cultivate the pleasure of the prostate.

The most convenient method for enemas is to rinse with tap water. Tests have shown that tap water enema will not cause any adverse harm to the human body. On the contrary, a regular enema can keep the intestines clean, prevent the human body from being polluted by toxins from human excrement, keep the skin elastic and bright for a long time, and have the effect of prolonging life.

It is best to use warm water for enemas, not too hot. If the water temperature is too hot, it will be difficult to pour the water into the depth due to the reaction of the human body itself. For the sake of safety, it is best not to insert the water pipe of the enema directly into the anus. The amount of water should be adjusted to a small amount. When the water pipe is close to the anus, the sphincter muscle is gradually relaxed, and the water can be poured into the intestines and even the stomach. When you feel very bloated, stop watering and let the water and feces drain out naturally. Do this several times until the water that comes out is very clean and clear.

In the early stage of the enema, there will definitely be abdominal distention and pain. This is a normal phenomenon. When the intestines are completely cleaned, this phenomenon will disappear. What is taken is an unexpected pleasure. There is a very sensitive part in the deep rectum. The enema process will stimulate a certain sense of pleasure, this pleasure can cause penis erection and even ejaculation. Experienced people, if can insert a water tube into the anus about 2cm for an enema because the water flow can just hit the prostate located in the front wall of the rectum, it will also make the prostate feel pleasure.

The specific process of prostate massage

1. Posture
It is best to lie on your side with your knees bent, which makes it easier to target the prostate and does not cause ejaculation. One massage can bring multiple orgasms to the prostate, lasting more than ten minutes, but once it leads to ejaculation, the orgasm ends.

2. Lubrication
Before the massage stick is inserted into the anus, it must be fully lubricated, and irritating lubricants must not be used, which will greatly reduce the pleasure.

3. Insertion depth
Generally, it is 5-7cm. If it is inserted too deep, the massage head will not be aligned with the prostate gland. Even if it can produce pleasure, it is very weak. It is best to use a pagoda-style massage stick. After inserting it, put on your underwear and sandwich a pillow between your legs to prevent it from slipping out.

4. Massage intensity
Massage intensity determines the success of orgasm. Many people think that the stronger the massage intensity, the better. In fact, if the intensity is too high, it is difficult to achieve orgasm. The vibration intensity is as small as possible, that is, the speed of the anal toy is adjusted to about the minimum. Also, new batteries must be used or fully charged in case the toy's power supply runs low midway and the impending orgasm stops abruptly. (In addition, before the massage, you must empty the urine as much as possible, and do not drink water, prevent the urge to urinate in the middle and affect the pleasure)

5. Massage process
During the massage, you must focus all your consciousness on the position of the prostate, consciously keep shrinking the prostate, and then slowly relax, the intensity must be very, very light, every 2 seconds. At the same time, it is necessary to relax the anal sphincter to the greatest extent possible. When the anus is tightened unconsciously, it must be relaxed in time. The more relaxed the better. While relaxing the anus, you should also relax your whole body, close your eyes, and breathe slowly in and out quickly. After inhaling, pause for a few seconds before exhaling. When the orgasm is about to come, it is best to hold your breath.

The main points of the massage process:

1. Pay attention to the prostate gland and get rid of all distracting thoughts.
2. The anal sphincter should be relaxed as much as possible, from time to time.
3. The whole body should be relaxed and relaxed from time to time.
4. Breathing must be slow in and fast out, and hold your breath for a certain period of time after inhalation.
5. If conditions permit, shout out when you feel pleasure.
6, to believe that the climax is coming.

What does a prostate orgasm feel like?
It can be said that the prostate orgasm is completely different from the penile ejaculation orgasm. The penis orgasm is too single, radiating in a band, covering a small area, and having a short duration, while the prostate orgasm is face-like radiation, covering almost the entire lower body below the waist and extending to the knees. , especially the front part of the pelvis and the inner thighs, giving people a feeling of complete emptiness.

When the prostate orgasm comes, the lower part of the waist, especially the mons pubis, is almost completely numb, and the whole body is in a state of complete relaxation. No effort is needed. , as if floating in the air, and completely collapsed, losing gravity, every nerve in the human body is completely released, and will not be swayed by any distracting thoughts.

Prostate orgasm can lead to penis erection, but no ejaculation. If a cylindrical airflow is introduced into the perineum, the genitals rotate, translate, move away, and draw closer together with the airflow. This fascinating pleasure lasts for more than ten minutes. , you will moan loudly and even laugh because the pleasure is too strong.

After the penis, an ejaculation orgasm will give people a feeling of complete satisfaction, and people will be very tired. But after prostate pleasure, people will not be satisfied, but give people a very greedy desire, you will long for this orgasm to continue, and after the orgasm, you will want to come again, twice, countless times, and not will be too tired.

The penis orgasm is only a few seconds long, but the duration of the prostate high can reach more than ten minutes.

When the prostate orgasm comes, the prostate and anus will contract and tremble rapidly and violently, just like shivering in winter. This contraction movement only lasts for a few seconds. After the contraction, a strong orgasm will come, and you will start to become numb. Make you want to live and want to die.