10 Weird Reasons Why People Sneeze

1. See the sun or bright lights. About 10% to 35% of people experience itching in their nasal passages at the sight of sunlight or lights, a phenomenon known as the "photo-sneeze reflex."

2. Having sex or thinking about sex. Sex-related sneezing is known as "honeymoon rhinitis." While physiologists don't have a definitive explanation for this phenomenon, research suggests that the parasympathetic nervous system triggers sneezing when experiencing strong emotions.

3. Inhale cold air. In some people, the trigeminal nerve also receives signals from the sensitive lining of blood vessels in the nasal cavity. When this loop crossing occurs, inhaling a puff of cold air triggers the urge to sneeze.

4. Eat dark chocolate. The taste of dark chocolate also activates the same "light sneeze reflex" as seeing sunlight. This condition is most likely hereditary, with about 18% to 35% of people having this gene.

5. Eat too much. Feeling full can trigger uncontrollable sneezing in some people.

6. Pluck your eyebrows. The branch of the trigeminal nerve associated with the eyes transmits sensations from the nose, eyebrows, eyelids, and other parts of the face to the brain, and when it is stimulated (such as plucking the eyebrows), the body may respond to sneezing.

7. Drink red wine. Some people (especially Asians) may have an allergic-like reaction to the high levels of histamine in red wine.

8. Take a hot shower. Your skin may become red, swollen, or itchy after a shower, and you may also sneeze, an allergic reaction triggered by a rise in body temperature.

9. Eat spicy food. Sneezing when eating spicy food is usually caused by allergic nasal nerves to external stimuli or congestion of the nasal mucosa.

10. Wake up. If you have allergies, mornings can be miserable. This is likely due to the accumulation of allergens during sleep, especially in the early morning when pollen concentrations are higher in the air.

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