You Need To Lube Up For Better Lovin'

Ladies, let's put an end to the taboo around lubrication! I've heard far too many people disparage lubrication, as if not getting wet enough signifies some sort of failure or makes them less attractive.

But we can all agree that the wettier, the better when it comes to sex.

It's common for women to wait until their vaginas are really dry before they even think about using lubricant during sex. This indicates that far too many people are ignoring the heightened pleasure lubricant provides. Alternatively, you are well aware of how mood-destroying vaginal dryness can be if you have ever experienced it.

Lube is a fluid or gel that is used to lessen friction during sexual activity. It can be used with your preferred sex objects or during anal and vaginal penetration. Various lubricant varieties are now available, delivering a range of textures, sensations, and even flavors.

The same is true of lubrication. Why not keep a few various types on hand instead of expecting one type to work in every circumstance, ensuring that you are using a lubrication that will provide the most satisfaction whether you are engaged in anal penetration or solo play with or without toys.  

The most popular speciality lubricants are listed below:  


When warming lubricants make touch with your skin, they cause a warming feeling. Normally, if you are getting hot and heavy, you are already warm, but being alone might add some spice to the situation.


There are a variety of tastes available, including strawberry, cherry. They are frequently used during oral sex.

It's about time you gave lubrication the old college try, if you haven't already. You must lubricate up if you want better lovin'!