Why is Sex More Pleasurable Than Usual After a Fight?

In a relationship, have you ever encountered a period of "sex like fire" after a quarrel that the relationship even broke down, and felt that sex was more enjoyable than usual?

You might think this is weird, but it's actually backed up by science, and in psychology, it's called "make-up sex," also known as "angry sex."

How did "sex annihilate a grudge"?
Experts point out that one of the reasons why couples' quarrels often end in sex has to do with arousal transfers.

Arousal refers to the perceptual response of an individual to a stimulus, and different scenes will stimulate different arousal. Arousal transition is a state of transition from one arousal to another.

For example, when quarreling, people will have complex and intense emotional arousal, including anger, sadness, fear, etc. These emotions will prompt people to make some behaviors to vent and transfer, such as throwing things wildly or crying and making trouble.

At the same time, the body also releases three hormones, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and testosterone, which are also hormones that are released during sexual arousal. The body can't help but seek out sex to deplete these overreacting hormones, so sex is a natural way to vent.

Sex after a fight can make the body release "happy hormones" - oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. Oxytocin can enhance psychological stability, communicate rationally with partners and rebuild intimate relationships; dopamine and serotonin can regulate emotions, and there will be a sense of relief after exercise, and the two will be reconciled as before.

"Sex annihilates a grudge", it did.

Beware of Disguised Sexual Abuse
I have to say that having sex after a quarrel is good for both parties, but blindly treating this behavior as a panacea for repairing intimacy, relying on "sleeping", only intimacy without communication, can't solve the fundamental problem.

Also, if you are unwell and have no idea about sex or your partner has ED problems, he is unwilling to take sildenafil tablets for treatment, and he has to "force" you, the sex pleasure will be greatly reduced. It will even ruin your relationship.

Another point to be vigilant about is that people with strong aggressive tendencies are more likely to be motivated by aggressive impulses and violent behaviors in the process, and some will further develop into a cycle of sexual abuse.

Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of "one sex annihilates a grudge", based on a healthy intimate relationship, need two of you jointly launched an invitation to sex, design a safe word for stopping the action, expressed your ideas rationally and honestly after it, and jointly resolved conflicts, etc, all are necessary prerequisites.

You must know that the ultimate purpose of angry sex is to resolve the contradiction between the two parties through rational communication. As the lines in the Japanese television drama "Nagi no Oitoma":

"The fuse of tragedy between men and women is always the lack of communication. He just needs to convey the words he likes to her."

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