What is a Sex Machine and How to Use It?

What is a sex machine?

A sex machine is a machine with a dildo attached that can be thrust and vibrated at a variety of rhythms and speeds. This amazing sex toy has an excellent torque output that will allow you to generate extreme levels of pleasure and orgasm. More than any other sex toy, the various mechanical parts of the sex machine are designed to mimic the action of real intercourse, making it perfect for enjoying the sensation of intercourse alone.

How does it work?

It generally runs through a mechanical program, enabling the artificial penis to perform various movements, and it has a lot of power.

How to use it?

Whether you're using a machine for vaginal or anal stimulation, you need to apply enough lubricant before using it, as it will make you slippery and less uncomfortable during use. (Water-based lubricant is recommended because it is compatible with various sex toys and is easy to clean afterward.) Second, as a sex machine is a relatively complicated sex toy, in order to improve pleasure, please read the relevant instructions before use. Finally, if possible, we recommend preparing a comfortable cushion, which can make you more comfortable when using it and can also prevent the machine from being damaged.