What is a Penis Ring, and How Do You Use It?

What is it?

The penis ring is usually made of silicone or TPE with a diameter of about 40mm-50mm. After a man has an erection, it can be worn on the base of the penis to slow down the flow of blood and has a certain effect on preventing midway weakness in sex. Some rings have small vibrators. The vibrating ring usually works to stimulate the female partner's clitoris during sex.

The specific role of the ring:
1. Make the penis harder
2. Bring you a stronger experience

The use of cock ring also needs to pay attention to the following matters:
1. Do not use it continuously for more than 20 minutes: it is very important to use it safely because it blocks blood circulation. Using it for too long or too tight will cause serious damage to the penis, so be careful!
2. Find the most suitable position: The penis will be slightly different than usual when using the ring, so you may need to change the sexual position to adapt to your partner, or you can take the opportunity to experience the position that you have never used before.
3. Wear it when your penis is a little hard: when you are already very hard, don't force it on, it is best to wear it when you are slightly erect, it will be easier to wear it.
4. Remember to lubricate: Not only can it make you wear it more smoothly, but you also need the help of lubricant when you take it off. After all, it will be a nightmare if it gets stuck.

About the penis ring, you can trust that in a relationship, a penis ring that fits you is as good as your partner's dream ring.