Unlock Your Girlfriend's Joy: Choosing the Perfect Adult Toy

Every girl deserves a sex toy. The main thing is to find the one that is perfect for your beloved one. Proper use of a vibrator is not only healthy but also has a positive effect on your emotional state.

Sex toys help to tone the vaginal muscles and improve blood circulation in intimate areas. And they also add confidence and help you better understand your body. That’s why buying a dildo is the right investment.

According to research by the Indiana University Science Center, USA, 50% of women regularly use a vibrator on their own or with their partner, almost always having an orgasm.

Every other woman dreams of trying a sex toy, but is shy to buy one herself or to tell about her desire directly. The best gift from the assortment of sex shops will be a rose vibrator – the leader in popularity among women’s toys. Give your wife a spicy toy to surprise her, as well as to diversify marital sex.

What Vibrators are Available

Today there are many varieties of vibrators, each with its own characteristics and features. If you are wondering how to choose a vibrator for your wife, you should pay attention to the most common types.

Vibro Stimulators and Vibrating Bullets

One of the most compact and inexpensive vibrators is a Vibro bullet. This toy got such a name for its shape, which can not be distinguished from a real bullet.

This is a small device that is designed to stimulate the clitoris and can be used during classic couples' sex for additional stimulation of the erogenous zones. As a basic gift, it looks too modest, but it can be a spicy addition.

Vibro Stimulators are similar in effect to vibropules, only they have completely different shapes – from simple balls to completely intricate objects.

Rose Vibrator

If you are looking for a vibrator to buy for your wife, the best option would be an ultra-modern stimulator – a remote-controlled vibratory egg. Vibratory balls are suitable for clitoral and G-spot stimulation. The big advantage of vibro balls is that you can control the toy while your wife enjoys the pleasure.

High-Tech Vibrator

High-tech toys are perfect for a gift, including for your wife. They look stylish and technological, as well as have a lot of useful functions. Among the types of high-tech vibrators, there are a variety of options:

-With tulip petals

-With a pulsation function

-With Rotation

-With a pushing or reciprocating function

-For long-distance sex

If you’re still undecided about which vibrator to choose for your wife, you’re sure to find the perfect one among high-tech toys.

How to Choose a Vibrator?

If you choose a toy to play with a partner, buy a smaller size. If you’d like to enjoy a solo play, a larger size for a more vivid sensation.

Pay attention to quality as some materials can contain phthalates that are harmful to the body.

Decide on the type of vibrator. They come in classic, clitoral, anal-vaginal, vaginal-clitoral, for the G-spot, multifunctional.

For beginners, it is better to choose a toy that resembles a penis as much as possible. And for “advanced” ones, it may be good to experiment with shape, design and texture. The ideal sex toys are those that can regulate the strength of vibration and amplitude of movement.

Realistic Vibrators

Usually, such toys women buy themselves because they repeat the shape of a realistic penis. But if you decide to give your wife a device in the style of realistic, then choose a version that does not differ from the standard average size.

Vibrating Panties

Girls use vibrator panties for their pleasure and to diversify their sex life. These wonderful gadgets can completely change single masturbation sessions for good. There are many models, but they have one thing in common. There is a small vibrator in the panties. No one knows about it (except the owner).

When choosing vibrating panties, most people expect to buy a pair of panties. It is much more convenient to buy a vibrator with a magnetic clothespin. It will securely fasten the toy to your favorite panties. And allow you to place the vibrator directly over your clitoris.

You can buy vibrating panties in the form of thongs with a vibrator, as well as with adjustable rubber bands. In this case, you will not need any additional underwear.

For more info about the best vibrating panties and how to choose a gadget that you’ll love, check here.

What Kind of Vibrator Panties to Buy

With the remote control on the string. These models are found less and less often because of the discomfort and the emergence of more technological models. And the price is low. You can buy it for the first time. But we recommend not to save money, because comfort is equal to the feeling, and this is the main thing.

With remote control. A toy of this kind will provide a lot of fun, the control radius increases in comparison with the previous model. Of the disadvantages – can lose connection when the remote control is far from the toy, there is an obstacle (wall).

With the control of mobile applications. The main feature of such models is the variety of functions and possibilities of interaction. You can control the vibrator yourself, or trust your partner. It is enough to take the phone in your hands at a boring conference, and the event will play with new colors. Connection to the phone is via Bluetooth.

How to Play with a Vibrator in Your Panties

Diversify your sex life. At first, try it at home with a partner or alone to feel and get used to the toy. Girls love clitoral orgasm, so sex with remote-controlled vibrating panties will be remembered for a long time. If you like role-playing, vibrating panties will give you a lot of new scenarios to make your sex life even brighter.

Vibrating panties are designed to be quieter and smaller than a traditional vibrator. So couples can have mischievous foreplay in private and public places. And with an app, you can give your partner access to control the vibrator.

Remote-controlled vibrating panties will make a walk or a trip to the store much more exciting. The main thing is to keep your emotions in check. Don’t violate someone else’s personal space or scare passersby.