Tips for men: How to last longer during sex in bed

For men, reaching orgasm early causes distress and affects the relationship with their partner. Even if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation(PE) or erectile dysfunction (ED), lasting longer in bed can be pleasurable. How to last longer in bed? Here are some techniques to help you achieve that.

Take advantage of foreplay to close the orgasm gap

Kisses, sensual massages, or some sex toys will help during foreplay. Pleasing your partner to high arousal before you masturbate. It can help you get a head start so your ejaculation and your partner's orgasm can reach almost at the same time.

Focus on your partner's feelings and the process of sex

Don't have excessive anxiety and worry, don't think about how long this time will be, what to do with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, etc., focus on the sex itself, and pay attention to your partner‘s reaction and feelings.

Delay product is a safe and easy-to-use treatment

Less stimulation equals more control. In addition to lubricants that can reduce friction and stimulation, delay products can also be used. Delay products such as penis rings, delay sprays, delay creams, and delay lube, are chemical delay methods to desensitize and numb the penis and slow down sexual arousal and sexual stimulation. For delay products, it is better to use some lidocaine-based or benzocaine-based ones, lidocaine delay products are more effective than benzocaine ones. However, lidocaine is corrosive to latex, so it must be used without a condom.

Common delay products are men's delay sprays, which can extend a man's time and enhance comfort. The most subversive thing about using the delay spray is that it will not have any effect on your feelings during sex while retaining the delay effect, allowing you to experience the most real and natural feeling of sex.

Use the delay spray to meet the physiological needs of men by prolonging their time during sex, consolidating and enhancing energy, soothing the body and mind, not being greasy, and being easy to clean. It also strengthens the relationship between couples, which is the most important point.

Penis rings could be help

Penis rings are used for creating a harder erection, increasing the total amount of time an erection lasts, or making the penis larger during sex. Due to slowing the blood flow back from the erect penis, penis rings can make people suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) to stay hard longer.