Some Ways to improve your relationship

Sex can start to feel less like a priority and more like something you squeeze in whenever you get the chance due to job, children, and other daily demands and obligations. While the occasional quickie is perfectly OK, slower, more prolonged sex can promote intimacy, emotional connection, and even more orgasms.

Sexual and emotional benefits of sex are available to anyone. In general, it can benefit your relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom by enhancing close communication.

Are you prepared to begin? Keep reading to learn how to improve your relationships and sex.

  1. Create the scene.

Rituals can be included into sex to set the mood. That might involve anything, from making your room feel like a refuge with candles and pillows to turning on some relaxing music. The most crucial thing is that you make this sexual encounter feel unique.

  1. Establish eye contact.

You are surely aware of how quickly eye contact may increase closeness from 0 to 10. Because of this, missionary sex is frequently regarded as the most intimate sex position. Eye-gazing, a specific type of tantric eye contact, is as follows: Traditionally, you do this by gazing into your lover's left eye, but if doing so makes you more comfortable, you can do it with both eyes.

  1. Pay attention to how your body is moving.

Imagine the sensation of moving several bodies at once. Additionally, make an effort not to evaluate everything you see or contrast it with prior encounters.

  1. Take your place.

Ask your spouse to cross their legs and sit on the floor.  Climb up and wrap your legs around their torso while facing them. You can place a pillow under your bum if necessary. If it feels weird or unpleasant, don't feel pressured to give it a go. You may always choose a tried-and-true sexual position by taking your time and concentrating on your intentions.

Appropriate interest can enhance the relationship between two people and enhance personal happiness, thus alleviating the fatigue caused by work or other things.