Humans Aren't The Only Ones That Can Masturbate

It is not quite what you expected if you think that masturbation is only human behavior! Animals in nature have had the behavior of masturbation for a long time, and this is a "self-reward" mechanism in evolution! So, there's no need to feel that masturbation is a very shameful thing! Quite the contrary, it happens very naturally and usually.

1. Human Closest Animal Relatives, Primates

Primates have hands, so masturbation is more convenient. Males of about 80 species, from apes to monkeys to lemurs, and females of 50 species have masturbated. And they also make good use of the tools available around them, such as leaves, branches, mangoes, etc. This is very clever.

2. Cetaceans That Live Underwater

Animals have their own intelligence. Whether it's the bottom of the seafloor or the walls of an aquarium, they can do their best to use friction to reward themselves, as long as they're firm objects. They are brilliant, such as bottlenose dolphins who reportedly wrap live eels on the penis seem very creative.

According to research, bottlenose, spinner dolphins, killer whales, and two types of river dolphins are all masturbators. But so far, no one has seen a giant whale such as a blue whale masturbate, which is really curious.

3. One Of The Largest Animals On Land: Elephant

As we all know, elephants are relatively large in size. So, the penis can be imagined. During estrus, when male elephants' testosterone peaks, they masturbate frequently and hit their belly with their penis. And male elephants during this period are also very sexy to female elephants.

4. Turtle With Hard Shell

Male turtles begin to masturbate when they are sexually mature, squeezing their sensitive parts against hard objects such as rocks, and sometimes squeaking sounds excitedly. In case one day you go to the beach and accidentally bump into a screaming turtle, remember not to disturb it!

5. Penguins Living In Cold Regions

The swaying penguin looks cute, but the masturbation skills given by nature will not be lost. Much like turtles, they just need a bare rock.

6. Rodents

During the breeding season, both male and female porcupines use a stick to rub their sensitive areas. Such as male cape ground squirrels, masturbate at any time of the year. It is worth mentioning that they masturbate immediately after mating. Because they have many mates during reproduction, masturbation after mating may help prevent sexually transmitted infections, University of Manitoba biologist Jane Waterman has suggested.

In addition, bats, lizards, horses, etc will also masturbate. So stop thinking that only humans can masturbate!

Why are we suddenly talking about masturbation? After all, May is International Masturbation Month! The advance of May marks the beginning of summer. The soaring temperature makes the heart leap. This is a season of prosperity and a season of self-satisfaction.

Fortunately, humans now retain the evolutionary skill of "self-reward". After all, we know the benefits of masturbation, regulating stress, promoting blood circulation, improving sleep, reducing pain, and more. But humans don't need to go to the wild to pick up branches. The delicate artworks as small as the palm of the hand carry the wisdom of human beings, which are enough to bring you pleasure day and night.

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