How Women Make the Most of the Resources Around Them to Achieve Orgasm Pleasure

Stroking the clitoris
There are many women who often gently touch their clitoris when masturbating. Of course, they do not stimulate the clitoris directly but stimulate the skin on and around the clitoris. Then place a finger around the clitoris, rhythmically stimulate the clitoris back and forth, and give a slight squeeze.
To achieve orgasm, one factor is the force of the squeeze, one is the rhythmic stimulating movement, and the other is the protection of the clitoris from direct stimulation. To do this last, use the skin around the clitoris to stimulate the clitoris. Ultimately relaxing and tensing the anal muscles to focus on the orgasm, which helps the orgasm come.

Rub the side of the clitoris
In some cases, women do not like to stimulate the clitoris fully with their hands but are accustomed to rubbing the side of the clitoris with their fingers, and sometimes even use a mirror to watch their movements, or stand in front of a large mirror Watch yourself.
If you feel that your fingers are not really enjoyable for you, there are other aids, such as vibrators. It can precisely massage the body parts you need most when you are masturbating, and stimulate your inner desires and emotions through high-frequency stimulation.

Use both hands together
Under normal circumstances, women rarely use both hands when masturbating. Today, I will teach you how to use both hands during masturbation: you can stroke the clitoris with one hand, and put the other fingers into the vagina or touch the anus. At first, you can touch your whole body, then touch the more sensitive areas. Try all positions until you reach orgasm. Naked and sensual dances are a great way to get your libido and remember to keep your thighs apart so there's more room for movement.

Vibrator between legs
Move the vibrator up and down the pussy gap between your thighs for a euphoric experience. Keeping the knees up on one leg, the other leg spreads out, moving the body up to catch the downward vibration of the vibrator. It is also possible to put an internal vibrator into the vagina, withdraw it, and pump it back and forth, just like intercourse.

Pillow for legs
In addition to using our hands to masturbate, we can also use foreign objects, such as pillows. Put a pillow between your legs and rub the bottom of your thighs vigorously, which will also stimulate your vagina and slowly orgasm. If you are using a dildo, place a thick pillow under your buttocks so that you can easily change the stimulation position for vaginal insertion.

Some women experience vaginismus during sexual intercourse, making it impossible to have sex, and thus unable to obtain physical satisfaction. Masturbation is the best way to help them solve their physical problems. You can buy a dildo that suits you, add a little lube or put on a condom if your vaginal secretions aren't enough, and have fun.

Use other items or furniture
This way, we need to use other items. Lie down on the ground, press your lower body against an object, and stimulate your clitoris by moving your body. Of course, if the weather is cold, we'd better do it in bed, but it's more limited. Alternatively, we can also get pleasure by rubbing a corner of the furniture but paying attention to the smoothness and neatness of the furniture.