How to Make This His Best Sex Ever

Want to know the secret to giving him the best sex he's ever had? This, however, is not it because sex is never a one-size-fits-all activity.

Everybody has different tastes. Even while having excellent sex isn't a precise science, there are several techniques you may use to up your game in the bedroom.

  1. Change Your Roles

Why not offer him an opportunity to experience being submissive or dominating in bed, regardless of how he may typically behave? Men who hold hard, traditionally "powerful" careers may yearn for a more subservient position inside the bedroom. He now has the opportunity to listen more instead of making decisions thanks to this change in power. Your partner can feel forced to adopt one persona or the other on a regular basis depending on the nature of your connection. Give him the opportunity to mix things up a little if he's interested in doing so.

  1. Locate the Proper Location

Let's face it: having sex in the same settings and positions all the time can rapidly feel like a habit.Routine isn't always bad; it might even be beneficial! However, you might want to depart from the tried-and-true if you want to give him the best sex of his life. It can be as easy as going from your bedroom to the living room or, if you're feeling very ambitious, to the dining room table. You really want to change it up? Use a toy in private or arrange a hotel staycation.

  1. Wear an item you love.

The sexiest people are generally those that are most self-assured. Therefore, dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself; it need not be revealing! Wear your favorite black turtleneck if it makes you feel the most like yourself. If you're wearing strapless underwear, do you feel seductive? Get a fresh set! Whatever it is, if it boosts your confidence, it will make you appear sexy without even trying.

  1. Take toys

One of the most fun methods to increase the heat in the bedroom is with toys, which have a variety of uses.Toys, such as penis rings and pumps, can completely alter your sexual experience. Put on a show or use them on him. Masturbating in front of your lover can be really steamy on its own, but adding a toy can intensify the experience. Talk about a visual feast!However, it's not only about the genitalia. Play around with mouth gags, nipple clamps, and other restraints as well.

Sex is considerably more than merely a tool for sexual pleasure. Slow it down, assist your partner in remaining present, and give him a particular feeling. Learn about your partner's interests and talk about their dreams, comfort zones, and boundaries.