How to Find Your Clitoris and Experience Pleasure

The pleasure of people with a vulva is mainly concentrated on the external part, but there is not much feeling inside the body. Many external toys are not too picky, there is no size problem, and they are a type of toy with a wide range of applicability.

Get to know your "source of pleasure"

First, where is the source of physical pleasure for a person with a vulva? It is the clitoris outside the body that is rich in nerve endings and therefore extremely sensitive. You may not be able to identify it directly with your eyes, it doesn't matter, just find the approximate location.

After finding it, it is impossible to directly touch it at first, because the structure of the clitoris is the same as that of the penis, and there are other tissues outside, so you need to "warm up" your body first, and then it will be aroused, then stick its head out and produce pleasure.

In addition, the source of pleasure is not only this external point, it also has clitoral crura that are more than ten centimeters long. These tissues are also rich in sensory nerves, spreading inside and outside the entire part.

How to find your clitoris and experience pleasure?

For beginners, if you can't find the exact location at the beginning, you might as well try to "cast a wide net" to expand the massage area, and you can always experience some sensations.

Pay attention to the technique, many people who try it for the first time do not feel it, because the force is too much, and the pain, itching, and numbness cover up the unfamiliar pleasure.

Finding the clitoris and discovering pleasure is still somewhat technical, so don't be discouraged if you don't find it all at once, just follow the tips above and try a few more times. Of course, a well-designed little clitoral toy can greatly improve our efficiency and experience. Try using a clitoral toy to help enhance your experience.