Healthy Sex Life for Women

Take it serious

Sexual health is an important part of physical health and should be taken seriously. However, due to the lack of communication about sexual culture or guides to sexual knowledge, and many other reasons, many people especially teens don't face up to this kind of sexual health and don't know how to achieve it. Good sexual health means enjoying healthier bodies and more positive relationships with others.

Vaginal health

Female bodies need a longer time to produce enough lubrication to make sex easy and comfortable. For some women, their vaginas may not self-lubricate very much or their own lubrication may not be enough for many reasons, such as age, medications, dehydration, hormone replacement therapy, menopause, and more. No matter what the cause is, a good bottle of lubricant can do the trick! There are some women who have trouble achieving orgasm, they can also use lubricants and sex toys like vibrators or dildos to explore slowly.

Open communication

Sexual health is a mutual matter if you have a sex partner. It’s better for you to directly express your concern for sexual health to your partner. Before having sex, being free to talk about mutual sex experience, sexual behavior preferences, protection measures, and so on. It is key to your health.

Use protection

Of course, for the health of yourself and your partner, you must wear condoms every time you have sex, and annual health checks are also necessary! Take sexual health seriously, otherwise, bacteria will take advantage of it during sexual life and cause disease in the body. There are still some people who have not been tested for STDs. After all, some STD infections are asymptomatic and painless, but many are treatable and don’t need to worry too much.