Achieve Ultimate Sex with the Tongue or Vibrating Tongue Rosetoy-Official

by Scarlett Mitchell

Achieve Ultimate Sex with the Tongue or Vibrating Tongue

Sex is a passionate act of full-body sensory mobilization, and of course, the dexterous tongue must also join this feast of expressing love. As long as it is used appropriately, the tongue can become one of the most potential organs in sex.

The tongue has the advantages of warmth, moisture, and flexibility, which make it enhances sexual pleasure easily. It can not only show its talents in foreplay and caress but also bring pleasure when it is in direct contact with its genitals.

For people who love couple games:

1. Kiss with love. Relax your lips and tongue, and give your partner a deep, warm and soft kiss, from neck and ears to breasts.

2. Explore their body. Find the sensitive parts of their body, which are also called erogenous zones.

3. Try varying motions. Stimulating these areas with tongue licking and tip teasing will make it easier to arouse their fiery desire.

For people who prefer solo play:

1. Try out some tongue sexual toys. More and more sex toys are now designed in the shape of tongues which mimic the movement of the tongue and the feeling of oral sex. If you've ever dreamed about being surrounded by a tongue that never gets tired, the tongue can keep on satisfying as you wish, and the tongue toy can do the work.

2. Lick or flick? Tongue toys are usually divided into two types, licking tongue toys and flicking tongue toys. It's important to understand the differences between them and choose the type you like. The difference between them is the design of the tip of the tongue and the pattern of movement.

In order to simulate the action of tongue licking, the tongue tip of licking tongue toys is generally rounder and thicker than that of flicking tongue toys. For flicking the tongue, the tip of the tongue is designed to be thinner and have a sharper angle in order to facilitate the flicking action.


In terms of movement modes, the two have different performances. Tongue-licking toys move widely and more slowly. The flicking tongue toy moves little and faster.

Of course, whether you want to satisfy yourself or your partner, a vibrating tongue is perfect for your bedroom game.