A Usage Guide for Rabbit Vibrators - Tips and Enjoyment Techniques

Rabbit vibes are designed for blended orgasms and can lead to intense pleasure for some.

You may recall the iconic moment in Sex and the City when Charlotte experimented with a rabbit vibrator. Following the episode's airing, these types of vibrators gained immense popularity as a favored sex toy. The popularity can be said to be comparable to that of the rose toys. The reason behind their acclaim is simple: they offer dual stimulation, intensifying pleasure and potentially leading to more intense orgasms. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to properly utilize a rabbit vibrator.

Unlike rose vibrators, the rose vibrators belong to the suction toy category. And the rabbit vibrator is a type of vibrator that combines external stimulation (clitoral) and internal stimulation (vaginal). Unlike bullet or G-spot vibrators which have one shaft, rabbit vibrators have both a shaft for vaginal penetration and a smaller nub for clitoral stimulation. For some, this can lead to a blended orgasm. While a rabbit vibrator is designed for vaginal and clitoral pleasure, it can also be used for anal, penile, or testes stimulation. It can be used during solo or partnered play.

How to use a rabbit vibrator

‍1. Clean before use

‍Clean your rabbit vibrator with warm water and mild soap or a toy cleaner. Be sure to clean your vibe between each use, and especially if you’re sharing the toy with a partner.

‍2. Find the controls

‍Rabbit vibrators have varying modes and intensities, plus two motors — one motor in the arm for vaginal vibration and the other motor in the nub for clitoral vibration. Find the buttons located at the bottom of the main shaft to control modes. On most rabbit vibrators, there are two buttons that increase and decrease intensity, as well as another button, or set of buttons, to change the vibration pattern and switch between one motor and the other, or run them at the same time.

‍3. Apply lube to both shafts

‍Water-based lubricants are the safest option since silicon-based lube can deteriorate toys made of silicone material. Lube helps reduce friction, and allows for easier glide and penetration.

‍4. Test vibration modes, intensities

The rabbit vibrator is the same as the rose vibrator, offer a variety of modes or settings for users to choose from. Most rabbit vibrators have about eight vibration modes, though some have over 20. Before putting the vibe near your genitals, try it on your hand and switch through patterns and intensities to get a sense of what might feel good for you. Then, move it to your arms, nipples, neck, or stomach.

‍5. Try the external stimulator first

‍Place the vibrator on your external genitalia, like your clitoris, vulva, penis, testes, or perineum, and see how you like it. Try sliding the vibrator all around those areas to find which spots feel good for you.

‍6. See how the internal shaft feels

‍If you’re inserting the penetrating arm in your vagina, make sure your vagina has“tented”— or in other words, opened and expanded — if you’re putting it in your anus, be sure you’re turned on and your muscles have relaxed. Penetration can be painful otherwise — and it shouldn’t be. Slowly insert the shaft to see how deep you enjoy it. Try rotating and angling it back and forth inside you, or leaving it in one position.

‍7. Bend the shafts to your liking

‍If the two shafts on your rabbit vibrator bend, adjust them to hit areas of your body that feel best. Varying curvatures may feel better internally, especially if you are attempting to target the G-spot.

‍8. Download and experiment with the app if your rabbit vibrator is a smart toy

‍If you have a smart toy rabbit vibrator, download its corresponding app and play around with the controls. Most apps are pretty user-friendly and allow you to tap or drag a cursor up or down to increase or decrease intensity. Some apps allow you to choose varying vibration patterns or even sync patterns to music. If you are playing with a partner, it can be fun to let them take the reins and “control” your pleasure via the app.

Use your rabbit vibrator with other toys:

Now that you know the basics of how to use a rabbit vibrator, you can try using it with other rose sexual toys. Pairing a rabbit vibrator with addition sex toys can lead to new levels of pleasure and orgasm for some. Buy 2 toys now at ROSE TOY OFFICIAL and get 10% off. Here are some of our recommendations to make the most of a rabbit vibe.

‍1. Butt plugs

‍Enjoying the dual internal and external stimulation of a rabbit vibrator, plus having your anus filled with a butt plug can lead to incredibly intense orgasms. You can also try using a dildo in your anus or anal beads.

‍2. Sensation play toys

‍Diedrick recommends pairing a rabbit vibrator with sensation play toys, such as a blindfold, massage oil, or candles.

‍3. Nipple clamps‍

If you enjoy having your nipples stimulated, sucked, licked, or squeezed, try incorporating nipple clamps while you’re using the rabbit vibrator.


Rabbit vibrators give you unique, dual stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris, while they can also be used on your anus, testes, perineum, or other sensitive places on your body. Not only can you try different combinations, but you can also explore more techniques and poses.