9 Ways of Solo Play for Female

1. Hip strike
Sit on top of the vibrator and swipe up and down.

2. Pillow ride
Ride on a pillow with one corner twisted into a hard angle and press deeply against your clitoris.

3. Penetration
Use the vibrator to penetrate the vagina vigorously and quickly, and play with the nipple with the other hand.

4. Tickle
Lie flat on the bed, with your legs as close as possible, and tick your clitoris with your fingers slightly bent.

5. Finger stimulation
Use the palm of one hand to stroke the clitoris and the fingers of the other hand to stroke the lining of the vagina.

6. Front and rear pinch strike
Push a lubricated dildo back and forth into the anus while the other hand or vibrator massages the clitoris.

7. Do it in the atmosphere
Lie on the bed, play some sexy music, spray erotic perfume in the air, squeeze your nipples with your fingers, and stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator.

8. Take the plane on the ottoman
Lie face down on an ottoman for balance, rubbing the corner of the stool against your clitoris. You can also lift your hands and feet, which will give you the feeling of flying during orgasm.

9. Sensational two-finger rubbing
Rotate and knead your clitoris with your index finger and thumb, lubricate your vulva with lube, then rub your clitoris with two fingers until it hardens, placing another vibrator inside your vagina.