8 Special Female Orgasms, How Many Do You Know?

In earliest Europe, patriarchy was very serious, women were considered to have no sexual desire, and it was the wife's duty and responsibility to satisfy a man's sexual desire. Under the yoke of feudal ideology, women were forced to observe chastity. At that time, if many women had sex-related thoughts in their hearts, they would be regarded as evil thoughts and shame, and they would be suppressed by themselves immediately. However, suppressing sexual desire for a long time will cause some women to have problems such as anxiety, irritability, abdominal swelling, dysmenorrhea, and even mental disorders. They do not know what the problem is, and they can only seek the help of a doctor! There is no cure for this strange disease, which doctors named "Hysteria".

Slight hysteria can be healed by normal couples getting along. If the normal life of couples can't relieve the symptoms, then the most effective way is "pelvic massage" - in fact, masturbation!

Thus, the world's first vibrator belonging to females was born!

What does an orgasm feel like? It can only be understood but not spoken. You can experience the top of the sky, and you will love it to death, and if you have never experienced it before, you will look for knowledge and skills in this area everywhere, such as you who are reading this blog!

In fact, the most common one is the clitoral orgasm. Many teenage girls have it. After adulthood, the clitoral orgasm seems to be unable to satisfy the desire for restlessness. Let's take a look at the other 8 special orgasms for females!

1. Nipple orgasm. Nipples are packed with nerve endings, making them one of the most sensitive parts of our body. How sensitive is it? Some people can have an orgasm just because their nipples are touched or kissed!

2. Some fitness movements in the core area (abdomen, crotch) will cause the female pelvic muscles to contract and relax rhythmically, just as the same reaction as the pelvic muscles during sex will produce an orgasm! If we insist on these fitness exercises, some of us will get sexual pleasure!

3. Orgasm in dreams, in fact, not only men will have sex dreams, but women will also have sex dreams, and will have orgasms in their sleep. Dreaming of having sex with the opposite sex will increase the blood flow of the female clitoris, just like sexual intercourse when you are awake. Sleeping women are in a state of complete relaxation, opening the door to orgasm.

4. Anal orgasm, the anus, and anal canal are full of highly sensitive nerves, through the stimulation of the anal nerve, anal orgasm can be achieved. Anal orgasm is open to anyone, and females can experience this earth-shattering orgasm as well with the judicious use of vibrators and lube.

5. Mixed orgasm means that multiple sensitive areas of the body are simultaneously touched and sexual pleasure is produced. Women are prone to mixed orgasms during fast-paced sex. At the same time, high-quality sex also refers to a mixed orgasm!

6. U-spot orgasm. The U spot is located about 2.5 cm inside the vaginal opening of a woman, and about 2.5 cm further inside is the well-known G spot.

7. A-spot orgasm. A is a little further than the G-spot, close to the cervix is ​​another sexually sensitive point for women: the A-spot. A lot of people are not clear about A spot because its location is more secluded. When the A spot is stimulated, the pleasure intensity even exceeds that of the G spot. Of course, many women struggle to experience this!

8. Cervical orgasm. The end of the female vagina is the cervix, and the stimulated orgasm of it is called the cervical orgasm. Because it will make women feel a strong sexual pleasure, it is also called a systemic orgasm. The doggy style can make the thrill deeper and stimulate the cervix, thereby achieving a cervical orgasm!