How to Use The Rose Toy with Suction

Rose Toy for Women- The Upgraded Sucking Rose Toy with Vibration Stick



1. The 2-in-1 rose suction vibrator is an oral vibrating tongue and clitoral stimulator that is made of non-toxic, realistic, seamless, soft, and smooth silicone material.

2. With 7 different vibrations and 5 suction modes, this adult toy is perfect for g-spot seeking, clitoris-loving, nipple-stimulating, and general erotic merriment.

3. Its' 100% waterproof and rechargeable design enables you to use the vibrator in the shower, hot tub, or swimming pool.

4. Its dynamic silicone tongue tip will have you quivering with pleasure as it stimulates blood flow and increases sensitivity.

5. Equipped with a USB charging base, this rose suction vibrator can be charged anywhere.



How to Use The Rose Toy:

1. In the off state, long press the sucking button for 1.5s to tum on the sucking mode. Long press on the sucking button for 1.5s to tum off the sucking mode, and short press on it to switch the frequencies of sucking, there are five sucking frequencies.

2. Long press the vibration button for 1.5s to turn on the vibration in the off state, and in the on state long press it for 1.5s to turn off the vibration, short press it to switch the frequencies of vibration, there are seven vibration frequencies.

3. Both the sucking and vibration modes could be working at the same time.


1. Please charge the product for the first time of use.

2. The product of Rose Toy Official is prohibited from use by minors.

3. Please keep the product clean after use, do not use corrosive cleaners for cleaning. 

4. This product has a built-in polymer lithium battery. The battery cannot be removed by yourself which will damage the product.

5. After using this product, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, out of reach of children.