How to Use The Love Flower Sexual Toy

Attached with a life-like leaf tail that is vibrating, this adorable and romantic clitoris-sucking toy is shaped like a rose. You'll be convinced this is the love flower sexual toy to satisfy all of your sexual desires. Enjoy progressive pleasure whether you use it solo or with a partner, thanks to 10 exhilarating sucking and vibration modes.

How to Use The Flower Sex Toy:

  1. Long press the sucking button for 1.5s and the motor starts to work, short press the button to switch sucking modes, long press for 1.5s to turn off the suction motor.
  2. Long press the vibration button for 1.5s and the motor starts to work,  short press the button to switch vibration modes, long press for 1.5s to turn off the vibration motor. 


Charging Instructions:

1. Connect the USB cable to a USB power adapter(not including this accessory) or the USB port can use any USB power adapter for charging.
2. When using the computer's USB port to charge, if your computer enters sleep mode, the rose sex toy will not be able to charge.
The charging indicator flashes when charging, The charging product does not work.
3.No need to completely drain the battery before charging.
4. A full charge is about 1 hour at a time, depending on the amount of residual power inside the product. The specific charging time may be different.
5. After the rose toy for women is fully charged, the use time is about 40 minutes and the specific use time depends on the vibration mode. The stronger the vibration is, the faster the battery consumption.
6. In order to prolong the battery life and ensure the charging effect, we recommend that you charge the product before the vibration is noticeably weak.
7. Before disposing of the product, the battery must be removed from the product. When removing the battery, the product must be powered off and the battery should be disposed of safely.