How to Use The 2in1 Sucking Rose Toy with Tongue

Delivering a flapping pleasure, the tongue will give your cherry a perfect time. The other end of Rose Toy Official's 2in1 sucking rose vibrator with tongue will let you experience a very erotic suctioning with seven different modes to choose from!


How to use the rose toy?

① Magnetic Charging interface

② Sucking button: long press for 1 second to turn on/off sucking, short press to switch 7 frequencies

③ Licking button: long press for 1 second to turn on/off licking, short press to switch 7 modes


Charging Instruction:

  1. Please charge the sucking rose vibrator full 2-3 hours before using it for the first time.
  2. Please clean and dry before charging.
  3. Please connect the USB cable to the USB adaptor to charge (not included).
  4. Using time depends on the used speed. Power finishes fast by fast speed.
  5. To extend the life of this product, we suggest you recharge when the indicator becomes weak on vibrating.

Note: The charging indicator is on and can not be pressed when is charging. The charging indicator flashes if no power or less power. Then need to recharge.


Cleaning and Maintenance:

1. Treating right will keep it keeping you happy for a longer time! Make sure to clean and disinfect it before and after each use.
2. There are many methods and if you choose to use it with lubricant then, for the safety of both you and it, please choose a water-soluble non-corrosive type.
3. When cleaning, please use a neutral non-alcohol, non-petroleum-based detergent in non-boiling water.
4. Please store it in cool and dry places and well beyond children's reach.