2 in 1 High-Frequency Rose with Tongue

The Rose with Tongue is made of high-quality materials, and powerful vibration for your clitoris, vaginal, nipples, and other sensitive parts stimulation, will definitely surprise you. And the use of a curved design, in order to accurately hit your G spot.



  1. Licking and vibration, double pleasure.
  2. The silicone material is soft, comfortable, and odorless.
  3. Beautiful flower shape, strong privacy.
  4. Low noise, enjoy quiet and soft feelings
  5. Precision motor, more powerful.
  6. USB rechargeable, and charging is available at any time.




Charging method:

  1. Take out the clit licking toy and insert the pin plug of the cable into the DC charging port of it;
  2. Connect the USB interface of the cable to the USB charging plug with voltage 5V and current 1-2A;
  3. The indicator light on the power button flashes slowly when charging;
  4. The charging time is about 70 minutes. The indicator light will remain lit after being fully charged. The rose vibrator can be used for about 75 minutes after being fully charged.



  1. For the first operation, it must be fully charged before use.
  2. Please select and use a USB charging plug of national standard with a voltage of 5-5.5V and a current of 1-1.2A for charging.
  3. Do not operate any function button while charging. Do not touch the water.


Operation method:

  1. Take out the clit licking toy, refer to the figure, and put the soft silicone ball on the bottom of it(proper force can be used during the insertion process);
  2. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds, and the rose clit stimulator will start up with a flash and enter the static standby mode;
  3. In the startup state, press it power button briefly, and it will enter the first licking mode, it can be switched to different licking modes by pressing the power button again, there are 10 different licking modes in the rose vibrator.
  4. In the state of licking, double-press the power button, the tongue stops licking, and the soft silicone ball at the bottom of it starts to vibrate. At this time, short press the power button to switch to different vibration modes;
  5. After use, press the power button for 2 seconds, and it has been shut down.
  6. Please use warm water with mild soap (or toy cleaner) to clean it and dry it. Store it in a cool and dry place.